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Commercial Cooking (NCII)

TESDA - TVET Registration: WTR No. 0801032049

excelled in Kusina Ilocandia Competition

Champion: 2nd La Union Provincial Skills Competition 2010

100% passing Rate in TESDA Assessment Exams

Enrolment on a daily basis 



Commercial Cooking
(5 months included of On-the-Job Training)

  1. Industry Knowledge, Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
  2. Menu Planning, Costing and Nutrition
  3. Basic Cooking Principles
  4. Mise en Place, Local/ Regional Cuisine
  5. Stocks, Sauces and Soups
  6. Salads and Appetizers (Hot and Cold Hors d’ oeuvres)
  7. Sandwich Preparation
  8. Fruits and Vegetable Cookery
  9. Breakfast Preparation and Other Starch Cookery
  10. Controlled Meat Cuts, Package Prepared Foodstuff
  11. Poultry Cookery
  12. Seafood Cookery
  13. Bakeshop-Pastry Production
  14. Plated Kitchen Desserts
  15. International Cuisine
  16. Fusion and Vegetarian Cuisine

Developed by:
Glenn O. Obillio
Executive Chef

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Bread and Pastry (NCII)

TESDA - TVET Registration: WTR No. 2010010302008


Bread and Pastry Production
(3 months included of On-the-Job Training)

  1. History of Baking and Safety Sanitation
  2. Formulas and Costing
  3. The baking Process
  4. Basic Baking Principles
  5. Ingredients Substitution
  6. Yeast Bread Production
  7. Quick Bread Production
  8. Cakes Filling and Icing
  9. Cookies and Brownies Production
  10. Pies and Pastries Production
  11. Other Bakery Products
  12. Hot and Cold Sauces
  13. Dessert Presentation
  14. Package Dessert
  15. Classification of Petit Fours

Developed by:
Alda Hufalar




Hobby Cooking (Every Saturday)


Enrollment Requirements





Caregiving Program

TESDA - TVET Registration: WTR No. 0701032135 National Certificate Level 2

Who can/may enroll?



Module I: Caring for a Caregiver
Module II: Basic Nursing Skills
Module III: Assessment of Client across the Life Span(from Infancy to Elderly)
Module IV: Care of the Elderly
Module V: Child Care
Module VI: Care of Special Children
Module VII: Drugs Preparation and Administration
Module VIII: First Aid
Module IX: Personality Development
Module X: Communication
Module XI: Home Management

TRAINING FACILITIES (Theoretical – 750 Hours)

*** Child Care
*** Elderly
*** Special Needs
*** Home Management
*** Academic

Nursing Care




Health Care Services

TESDA - TVET Registration: WTR No. 0701032063 National Certificate Level II

Who can/may enroll?




TRAINING FACILITIES (Theoretical – 1038hrs)

***Nursing Care


For inquires;
Visit: Office located at second floor Capistrano Building, across the Library, Room 316
Email address:

Look for: Mrs. Gajo

Or call: 700-0906 to 7 Local 267
Student Development Services – Local No. 274
Registrar – Local No. 236


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